Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas comes early

Posy and Hanuman have been feeling poorly lately and both had temperatures.  This meant that they had a Virus.  I didn't have one so I had to eat all the haylage that they'd left because they were feeling off colour.  It has also been windy and raining - like forever.
To cheer us all up, She decided that we could have our Christmas treats early.  We each had a little tub of stuff to lick.  Mummy and I were very keen.

I enjoy my 'cherry' flavour lick, while mummy has 'apple' flavour

Hanuman was very suspicious of his lick and didn't seem at all impressed with his gift.

Hanuman looks askance at the 'banana' flavour treat he has been given

Friday, 18 December 2015

Lorry practice

Today a motorised box on wheels arrived, and I didn't take much notice of it.  I didn't take much notice when mummy went out of the gate.  Then the engine started and I heard mummy neigh.  I suddenly realised that mummy was locked inside the metal box and it was going away with her inside!
I was really worried and called out in alarm for a few minutes.  Funnily enough, Hanuman seemed quite unperturbed, so I waited in the corner of my stable to see what would happen next.  After about ten minutes, the metal box on wheels returned and I was relieved to see that mummy had come back, safe and sound.

OMG!  Mummy is trapped inside the lorry and it is going away!

Then the same thing happened again.  Mummy went into the metal box, was driven off, and then later came back.  Both mummy and Hanuman didn't seem to think there was anything odd about this, so I figured that perhaps I shouldn't be so worried after all.

Here the lorry comes back for a second time and I am not so worried
Then everyone was praised - me for being brave and not panicking when mummy left, Posy was praised for being patient going in and out of the lorry and being driven round the block a few times, and Hanuman was praised for being a Good Babysitter.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Cunning plans

Mummy had a cunning plan to throw off one of her shoes the night before a dressage competition, thus saving her the trouble of competing.  This has worked successfully before, but I note that She has measured mummy's feet and is planning to buy hoof boots, which would thwart any future attempts to avoid work by burying shoes in the mud.

Hanuman had a cunning plan to eat a hole in the hedge at the front so that he can watch all the comings and goings along the road.
I have gone one better and eaten a large hole where the hedge meets the fence.  I am small and nimble enough to stand on the bank, and it won't be long before I can skip through the gap and munch all the yummy lawn grass on the other side.  Tee hee!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The vet is here again

I am learning that when vets come they invariably stab you with sharp needles.  The excuse this time was that it was a vaccination which has to be officially recorded in my documents.  I was very brave and got a carrot for being so well behaved.
I stand quietly, unsuspecting, while the vet readies to stab me with a needle