Sunday, 29 November 2015

I have an accident

This morning my hind leg was really swollen after a mishap overnight.  The human says that I have done very well to wait for over seven months before having my first accident.  She says that mummy had been admitted to hospital by the time she was ten weeks old, and has been having regular accidents ever since.
She inspected my leg and thinks that I have sprained my fetlock since there are no wounds to be seen.  The vet is coming on Wednesday and will attend to me if my leg is still swollen.  Until then I shall have to be very brave.  Hopefully I will be consoled with extra carrots.
My fetlock joint is very swollen but it hasn't put me off my haylage.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

My coat has an accident

I got tangled up in my coat overnight and I had to struggle to escape, unfortunately, this resulted in a few rips and tears, so that it can't be fastened on any more.  Now when it is wet and cold I have to shelter in the stables.  I no longer look like the sophisticated foal-about-town, but am rocking the wild Dartmoor pony look.
In Hanuman's stable I found a pink ball on a string.  It tastes salty, and licking it helps while away the time until the weather clears.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weather Update

The fine weather has been replaced by storms barrelling in from the Atlantic so that we are all now wet and bedraggled.
Here I battle the elements in the yard
The weather is deemed too wet and windy for Hanuman, but I note that mummy has had to have Exercise.  She even had to go out one day with her hair braided into bobbles to do Dressage, leaving Hanuman and I to hold the fort.  
Looking stylish, if wet

Monday, 2 November 2015

Mini heatwave

I have been developing a lovely warm, thick coat.   She says it will be needed as there is an el nino this year and we will all be very cold.  Never rely on amateur weather forecasters.  The last few days have been boiling hot and we are all sweltering.  Here I am pictured trying to cool myself down by the water bucket.

It is so warm that Posy and Hanuman have been allowed to go out without any clothes on - even though there is mud in the field.
We found primroses and roses in bloom - they are very confused.